Ko-Fi Page Now Active!

Hi guys! I’ve been in absentia for a really long time, huh? I’ll try to be back before another year goes by, but no promises.

Anyway, lots has happened since my last post (which isn’t that much of a surprise, since I went MIA for like six months, whoops): I was in a mini-theatre production, started a writing group, did Inktober, and brought my Insta art account (@ventriculararrhythmias) back to life–not necessarily in that order. Some even more recent escapades include #huevember, printing some cool custom notecards, and my inexperienced forays into the world of custom die-cut stickers.

Now, finally, to the point: I made a ko-fi account. For those of you who might not know what ko-fi is, it’s basically a virtual tip jar for people that don’t have anywhere to put a physical one (aka people like me, a beginning artist). You log in, use your paypal to tip a dollar or two, and voila! you’ve successfully supported an artist.